Axiom Ecipse R2 Neutron Box Set

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Proxy (R2 Neutron):  3/3 /-1/0.5 

Paradox (R2 Neutron):  5/4/-4/0 

Insanity (R2 Neutron):  9/5/-2 /1.5

R2 Neutron environmentally conscious plastic is available for the Axiom brand! That’s right - everything that you love about the R2 project, but with a dazzling dose of color! Each Axiom disc in the set will have the distinctive R2 black core, but now with color overmolds and a truly beautiful rainbow foil for the stamp. The Axiom R2 Starter Sets include an Insanity, a Paradox, a Proxy - a perfect combination of starter discs! Pick one up for yourself or one for your friend who is looking to get into disc golf or GYRO - these starter sets make great gifts!