Looking to get rid of some old discs?

Hoping to trade in for something new?

We have you covered!

Hey…. What is this and How does this work?

Well its pretty simple! Consignment is a trade in system for your discs! You leave your discs with us and we will attempt to sell them on your behalf. If your disc sells, we take a percent of the price that it was sold for, and you get the rest back as store credit so you can grab a new disc of your own!

Ok, I hear what your saying Mr. Website Man, but how much do I get back if I give my disc to you?

Whatever price we sell your disc at, you will recieve 75% back in store Credit.

This will be applied directly to your account for you to use whenever you would like!

Ok, I do like the idea of clearing out my old disc bag… but how do you evaluate the discs I bring in?

We evaluate all discs that come into our shop using the Sleepy Scale and will price the discs using MSRP and the Sleepy Scale.

For those unfamiliar, the Sleepy Scale is the most common scale for evaluating used discs.

100% Retail Price = Shipped Direct from Manufacter to our shop

~90% Retail Price = Never Before Thrown Disc

~80% Retail Price = Discs with very minimal wear. Could have been used for a few test throws

~70% Retail Price = Clearly used disc with only minor scrapes and scratches. Minimal Ink

~60% Retail Price= Well used disc.

~50% Retail Price= Serious wear. Prominent gashes or gouges

~40% Retail Price= A disc that should have retired last week

~30% Retail Price or under= Disc has been chewed up by trees or by animals

Ok, the scale is cool and all…. but what will you take into the shop?

To conserve shelf space, we will only be taking discs with a 60% and above rating. However, which discs we choose to take will be at our discretion and we may refuse a disc even if it is in good condition.

How long do you keep my discs in your shop?

We will keep your discs for a minimum period of 60 days. During which they will be posted on our site as well as visible in our retail location. If they do not sell after 60 days, we may reach out and attempt to contact you if we feel your disc will not sell. When we reach out you will be told that you have the option of coming into the shop to pick it up, paying the shipping to have it sent back to you, or donating the disc to a local school or charity.

If we do not hear from you, or you do not pick it up within 30 days after we have sent out notice of no sale, we will not hold your disc any further and will donate it to a local school or charity.

What Happens if I want my Disc Back before its sold?

No worries! Just stop on in and pickup the disc!

If you sent the disc to us via mail, then simply send us a message letting us know you want the disc back and we will pull it off the shelf for you ASAP. Once we get payment for shipping the discs back to you, we will drop your discs into the mail and have them back in your hands in no time!

How do I tell if a disc is new or came in on consignment when I’m shopping online?

Our biggest priority is to provide the customer with the quality of disc they are expecting upon purchase. As such we will be implementing a two stage contingency to ensure there are no mix-ups. First, there is a new tab for consignment within the selection options (much like your colour selection) if there is a consignment item available for the model shown. That way, when you go to purchase the disc you want, you can choose if you wish to purchase the Consignment Disc, or a new off the shelf disc.

Second, much like all of our other discs, we will be posting pictures of the Contingency Discs so you can see for yourself visually the quality of the disc. Any photos that contain items that came in on Consignment will have a red background. That way you the customer will be able to visually tell the discs that are, and are not consginment discs.