Weapon of Max Distance [WMD] - Survival - 15/3/-2/2

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Flight Numbers: 15/3/-2/2

The WMD is a "Weapon of Maximum Distance" from Doomsday Discs. It is NOT approved by the PDGA because it is heavier than would be approved for a driver of its size, plus it has a very wide rim to make it even more "high speed". Despite the wide rim and weight, it has an understable turn so that you can hyzer-flip it up and get a giant s-curve for maximum distance. It's a lot of fun to throw and can be used in your recreational rounds. Just don't pull this thing out in a PDGA sanctioned tournament unless you plan on wearing sunglasses and dark clothing as you stealthily tuck it back into your bag before anybody can see what you've unleashed on the course.