Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make an appointment to Shop in Person?

Fair Question!   We are a family business with regular day to day life just like you! 

While we do appreciate a quick message before you come, we also want our customers to feel free to just drop in!

I want a disc but I dont see it in your shop? Can you get it for me?

Well… Short answer: Maybe? Long answer: We have lined up with 6 major international distributors to try and make sure you have access to all the discs on the market currently!

Does that mean we are able to get a sold out disc from some back alleyway stranger who knows “where to get the goods”? No. Does that mean we will do our absolute best with all of our distributors and contacts to get you any disc you want? Yes!

So if you're looking for a disc that we don't have listed: Just send us a message either on Facebook or Instagram or reach out to us on our contact page and let us know your contact information, and what your looking for. We promise to get back to you with any options we have available!

Im looking to get rid of some discs, can you buy them off me?

We do have options to help you clear out your bag! Please see our Consignment Tab for further information!

Hopefully that answers all your Questions! If not Contact Us!